Flood Damage Vs. Water Damage: Make Certain You Understand The Difference

Whether it's the beach, lake or your backyard pool, water is all about enjoying the great outdoors. However, when there's water in your home, enjoyment is probably the last thing on your mind. Even more disappointing is the discovery that your homeowners insurance may not cover the damage. In many instances, the source of the water will determine whether or not coverage protection is offered. Make certain you understand this distinction so you will have a better idea of the type of coverage you can expect. Read More 

How To Get A Lower Rate On Your Auto Insurance

Does your auto insurance premium seem to keep going up? Get a rein on your auto insurance costs with these ideas for lowering your rates. Encourage Your Teen to Get Better Grades If you've recently added a teenage driver to your policy, no doubt you were in for a nasty surprise when you received your next premium bill. Teen drivers are one of the most common reasons for rate increases on auto insurance policies. Read More 

Rental Car And Towing: Are These Useful Additions To Your Insurance?

When choosing your insurance coverage options, you will see the rental car service and towing coverage pop up at some point. Deciding whether to choose the coverage or decline it is a personal decision. If you are unsure if you should choose one or both, consider why rental car and towing coverage options are useful additions to your insurance policy. Adding Rental Car Coverage When rental car coverage is in effect, your insurance company will pay for a rental car until your vehicle is repaired or operable again. Read More 

Insurance Claims Processing Through Third-Party Software

There is a fire. Or maybe it's a flood. Perhaps it's a burglary. No matter what the catastrophe, there you are, staring at the leftovers of what used to be an expensive, potentially precious object or room or even house. Thankfully, you have insurance. You might feel a little overwhelmed - what happens now? What can you do next? Once you let your insurance know that there's a problem, what steps do they take? Read More 

4 Situations In Which You May Want To Borrow From Your Whole Life Insurance Policy

Do you have a whole life insurance policy? One of the major benefits to a whole life insurance policy is that you can borrow against it once you have built a significant amount of equity. But that doesn't mean borrowing against your life insurance policy is always a good idea -- borrowing against your policy means that you reduce the amount of insurance that would be paid out in your estate.  1. When Purchasing a Home Read More