Your Checklist For Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

Shopping around for car insurance is the best way to get a good deal, but it can also seem overwhelming.  Although online quoting has made things easier, you may still want to obtain quotes from companies that require quotes by phone or through agents.  To compare all of your options quickly and easily, gather everything on this checklist and have it at hand when getting a quote.  Having all of this ready will ensure you get the most accurate quotes possible.

1. Make, model, and VIN numbers of all your cars.  You'll need the details on your cars to get the most accurate quotes.  Believe it or not, the 2-door version of a car might have different rate from the 4-door version.  Upgrade packages and trim level also make a difference.  Have the specifics on your car ready so that you'll get the right quote for your particular vehicle.

2. Names, birth dates, and license numbers for all drivers in your home.  To get the right quotes, you will need all of the details on everyone who drives you cars.  You'll also want to note which vehicle each person typically drives, and any tickets or accidents they might have that could affect rates.

3. Home and Commuting Addresses.  How far you commute to work affects your rates.  Write down the address you commute to and from--even run it through a maps service online to get an accurate mileage.  Make sure to note which vehicle is being used to commute, and which, if any, stays home.

4. Your current policy.  The best way to compare apples-to-apples when it comes to car insurance quotes is to make sure that you are comparing exactly the same coverage.  Some companies will quote lower levels of coverage in order to make their rates appear low.  Have the current coverage levels on your policy handy so that you can be sure the quotes offer matching coverage.  You can also note which discounts you have. As a bonus the current policy probably has all of your vehicle information listed.

5.  Your homeowner's policy.  Odds are good that when you get an auto quote, you might be offered a home insurance quote as well.  That's because some of the best discounts come from bundling your policies together.  If you're really looking to save, it's a good idea to get a quick quote on your home as well, especially if you currently insure them in the same place, since you will lose that discount if you move your auto policy.

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