Three Technical Issues That Could Interfere with Your Online Auto Insurance Quotes

If you're trying to get an online car insurance quote but having issues getting the process to work right, there may be something technical going wrong. Though a car insurance quote is very easy to get online, there are still some roadblocks that can occur if you aren't especially tech savvy. Here are some of the more popular issues that you're likely to face. 

You could be browsing without cookies activated.

Cookies may make it difficult or even entirely impossible to complete your auto insurance quote process. Cookies are used to track information about you by a computer -- without a cookie, the site can't tell whether you've been there before and what information you may have entered in previously. Some people delete cookies habitually or have their computer set to reject them due to privacy concerns, but most computer cookies are entirely innocuous.

You could be using a VPN.

If you're using a VPN or any form of proxy, it's likely that your location isn't being shown when you acquire an auto insurance quote. Your region -- down to the city and county -- strongly affects the amount of your premiums. If you want to make sure that your privacy is protected while still getting an auto insurance quote, you'll need to make sure that the auto insurance form has your proper typed in address rather than simply assuming that you are where the computer says you are.

You could have the incorrect auto-fill information.

Many people have their computers set to automatically fill out certain information, such as forms. But if your name, date of birth, or other relevant identifying information isn't correct, the car insurance company won't be able to pull up your data. When filling out important forms, it's usually best to type in your information rather than rely on the auto-fill feature. There are usually a few different auto-fill features (both in the browser and on the computer itself), so you may need to turn them off first.

Don't forget that an auto insurance agent (including an online agent) like TLC Associates can help you either through the Internet or via the phone if you run into any problems. Usually, though, filling out a car insurance form online is the best way to get started. Online auto insurance forms are available that will poll all the insurance companies in your region, so that you can quickly receive quotes back from each of them.