Things That Go Into Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

In most states, you are required to carry liability insurance on the vehicle you drive. This is the case even if the vehicle that you drive happens to be a motorcycle. The states that require motorcycle insurance will have a set minimum that your policy needs to cover. However, you can go up and purchase a higher policy or even a full-coverage one that also protects you and your motorcycle from damages and losses. When you go to look for a motorcycle insurance policy, you want to have an understanding of what types of things can be considered when it comes to determining the motorcycle policy quote you get. Here are some considerations that can go into that quote: 

The type of motorcycle you have

The make and model of the motorcycle you have will likely have a significant impact on the quote you are given for an insurance policy. For example, since sports bikes are built for speed, the insurance companies often work with the assumption that you will be driving the bike at higher speeds. This can increase the chances of there being a serious accident, so this can be reflected in a larger insurance quote. 

Your driving history 

Just as with car insurance, motorcycle insurance quotes can also be impacted by your driving record. If you have a history of violating traffic laws or getting in accidents, then you should expect to see a higher quote. The thought process is that if you are someone who tends to violate traffic laws, or who has been involved in accidents, then you may be a riskier driver and are therefore more of a financial risk to the insurance provider. 

How you will be paying your insurance

You may also find that the way you choose to pay for your insurance can also play a part in the quote you are given. For example, if you pay your insurance in full, then you may get a discount on the Price. Or, if you choose to be billed electronically and receive electronic documents, then you may also be given a smaller quote because the insurance company won't have to send you out your policy information and bills through the mail. 

Where you park your motorcycle

Your parking habits can even help to determine the quote you get for your motorcycle insurance. If you park your motorcycle on the street, then there is more of a chance of it being involved in an accident, of it getting tipped over, and even of it getting stolen. This is why parking the motorcycle in the garage may help you get a smaller quote.

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