Discounts to Look for When Shopping for Auto Insurance

Shopping for auto insurance often involves comparing many different quotes to find the most affordable pricing. Getting every discount you can helps to ensure you're getting the best deal at each insurance provider. Here are some discounts that anyone can look for with their insurance provider.

Professional and Academic Organizations

If you belong to an alumni association, you may qualify for insurance discounts with some insurance providers. The same goes for if you have a membership with a professional organization. Ask your insurance provider for a list of associations that get group discounts with their company.

Driving School for New Drivers

If you don't have a lengthy driving record, then driving school is one option that helps to vouch for your ability to drive safety. Driving school may cost a few hundred dollars, but your insurance-premium savings over the next few years can really help you offset those costs.

Driving Monitors for Older Drivers

For drivers with more than three years of experience under their belt, ask for a driving monitor. Some insurance companies offer these devices that record various driving habits, such as speed, smoothness of stops, and other factors. These devices can help you qualify for a lower insurance rate if you are found to be an even-keeled driver.

Vehicle-Safety Features

Many companies also give discounts if you have certain safety features in your car. These can come in various categories. In terms of comprehensive insurance coverage, you can get a discount if you have an anti-theft device installed in your car. You can also get discounts on your collision insurance if you have anti-lock brakes installed.

Bundled-Insurance Discounts

Also be sure to consider that you can get discounts on your auto-insurance rates if you bundle your car insurance with other types of insurance. Renter's insurance and auto insurance is one common example of a bundled package. Check directly with the insurance company or go through an insurance broker who can offer discounts on bulk insurance packages.

As you can see, there are many insurance discounts that don't have to depend on factors you can't control, like your gender or your age. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of research to find companies that offer good insurance rates that apply to you. What's a good deal for a friend may not be the best deal for you, so make sure that you put in your own details with many insurers to find the best personalized insurance quote.

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