What To Know About Filing An Auto Insurance Claim

Comprehensive auto insurance can be essential when you are needing to pay for repairs to your vehicle following an accident with an uninsured motorist. When you have been in an accident with someone that did not have insurance, learning some basic questions and answers about the process of filing a claim should reduce much of the stress that will accompany this process.   

What Will It Be Like When You Meet With The Adjuster?

One of the first actions that will happen following your accident claim will be to schedule an appointment to meet with the adjuster from your auto insurance. These professionals are trained to thoroughly inspect your vehicle and interview you to determine the facts surrounding the accident. It may also be necessary for you to provide a copy of the police accident report so that it can be included with the claim. In many instances, this entire process will take around an hour or two, which will reduce the disruptions that you must endure to have your car repaired.

How Do You Pay The Deductible?

Before your insurance plan will start to pay for your damages, you must meet the deductible that is required under your plan. A deductible is the amount that you must pay, and you need to be aware of your insurance carrier's policy regarding deductibles. Many providers may have you pay for the deductible directly to the insurance carrier. However, others may simply have you pay the repair provider and submit a copy of the receipt showing you paid enough to meet the deductible.

Will You Have To Pay For A Rental Car While The Repair Work Is Completed?

The process of having your car repaired can be a tremendous inconvenience because you will not be able to use it until the mechanic has finished the repairs. In instances where the damage is particularly severe, it can take several days to a few weeks to fully repair the vehicle. For you to continue commuting to work and running your daily errands, a rental car may be necessary, but it might be very costly to rent one of these cars until the repairs are completed. Depending on the details of your car insurance policy, you may be able to take advantage of either partial or complete rental coverage. To make sure that you enjoy the type of protection, you may need to add this type of coverage to your policy, which will be more than worth the premium costs once you consider the money it can save in rental car expenses.