Three Reasons Why You Should Add You Roommate To Your Car Insurance

When you have a roommate, you have to get used to a certain level of sharing. Sharing cleaning duties, bills, and even food at times can be to the benefit of both of you. If the two of you are young and on good terms, it may be a good idea to share car insurance as well. Here are three reasons why you should consider putting your friend and roommate on your auto insurance policy. 

One of you can lower the cost

If your roommate has been largely responsible, has not received any traffic infractions, or they receive a good student discount, they may be able to lower the overall total of the policy. This could decrease the amount that the two of you pay in car insurance each month, which gives you more money to go around for co-food purchases and fun bills. Try out car insurance policies to see what kind of discount you get for multiple cars and multiple drivers. If half of the policy with your roommate is cheaper than without your roommate you should retain a co-policy during the time that you live together. 

It may be required

If your roommate lives in your home and ever borrows your car, you could be in trouble with the insurance company if they find out that your roommate is not listed on the policy. Some insurance companies require you to notify them of any drivers that live in your home and are over the age of 18. These people will need to either be included in your policy or excluded from it specifically. It can be easiest to have them included in your policy by getting a car insurance policy together and continuing to share for the duration of your tenure living together. 

Easier to pay it earlier

It is common for insurance companies to offer a discount for paying auto insurance either six months at a time or one year at a time. On your own while starting out, this can be a difficult task to fulfill. By combing your car insurance bill with your roommate, you can each gather a total of three months of car insurance, which will be easy to do. By paying the insurance in full, you won't have to worry about splitting this cost throughout the year and you can save money overall that can be put towards the rest of your co-bills.