What You Need To Know About Lightning And Your Property Insurance

If you own your own property, you likely have property insurance. Lightning that strikes a home or property is an example of an unforeseen occurrence that could result in you needing to file a timely claim. The following points will help you to better understand what you need to observe and do after severe weather involving lightning occurs. 

Start with preventive measures if there are not any in place. 

Invest in surge protectors to protect electronics. If possible, choose a whole house surge protector because it will provide coverage if someone in your household accidentally leaves an electronic item plugged into a standard outlet. You should also consider installing receptors on your roof and around cabling. These can reduce the chances of lightning striking the inside of your home. Ensure you have smoke detectors with working batteries installed to protect your family from electrical fires that could occur if lightning makes contact with wiring or other flammable materials in your home. 

Recognize the various levels of damages, and inspect for potential problems. 

Some people make the mistake of thinking that lightning damages will be obvious. Unfortunately, items that are rarely used could be damaged by lightning, and you may be unaware of this until you actually need to use them. For example, a television in a guest room could get struck by lightning. If your neighbors converse with you about their home being struck by lightning, it is a good idea to thoroughly inspect your home because it may have items that were inadvertently damaged too. If you report damages too late, it is possible it may affect the outcome of your claim. 

Get a lightning affidavit if needed.

It is possible that your insurance company may need additional proof that you have the damages you are reporting. If you have tried to prove your losses unsuccessfully, you may need to get a lightning affidavit completed by a licensed professional who will need to inspect the items you claim were damaged by lightning. The affidavit will also include an independent determination about whether the damaged items could be repaired. Keep in mind items that are struck by lightning may operate for a short time, but mechanical failure may occur in the near future, which is why timely reporting of claims is essential. 

A property insurance representative is a good resource to use if you do not have property insurance or have questions about what your policy covers. They can also offer you additional tips about protecting your home and valuables from lightning-related damages.