The Vehicle Factors That Change Your Rate

When you are in the market for a new car insurance policy, you will notice that there are quite a few questions about your vehicle. This is because the rate of the insurance policy can vary based on the type of car you drive. Here are some vehicle factors that might affect your rate.

The Make and Model

The first thing the insurance company is going to consider when coming up with your rate is the make and model of your vehicle. There are many reasons they need to know the type of car you drive, from looking at its safety rating to considering the average accidents that occur in that type of vehicle. For example, you might have a vehicle that is known for being easy to break into, which puts you at a higher risk for theft. If you are getting an auto insurance policy that includes theft coverage, this might increase your premium. Some vehicles have better safety ratings than others, which might lower your insurance premium. You might also have a sports car that often comes with the risk of accidents due to driving too fast, also increasing your premium in many cases.

Extra Security and Safety Features

In addition to the safety rating of your vehicle, the car insurance will also look at other features you have in your vehicle that add to its safety and security. For example, if you have a car alarm installed in the vehicle, that can help save you money on your premium costs. If you don't have an alarm now, it is the perfect opportunity to have one installed. Not only can it deter car thieves, but it helps to make your insurance more affordable. Another great option is to get a GPS tracking device installed in the vehicle, which lets police track it down if it is stolen. This is another security feature that can help lower your insurance premium. Having safety features that help to avoid collisions, such as parking assist, adaptive cruise control, and automatic braking can also help, in addition to backup cameras.

The Age and Condition

The current age and condition of your vehicle can also make a big difference in the insurance rate. IF you have an older car that wouldn't be a lot to repair, you might notice that your insurance rate is on the lower side. However, it costs a lot to replace a newer car, so if you are getting comprehensive insurance on a brand new car, it may be a little more than if you had an older car with replacement coverage. Contact an insurance agent, such as Graber Insurance, for more information.