Learn What To Do If Someone Claims They Were Injured In Your Store

When you own a business, it is important to realize that there are people who may come into your business and claim they were injured when really they were not. They may say that they slipped and fell or that something fell on them while they were in your establishment so that they can make a claim with your insurance company. Use the guide that follows to learn how to help your insurance company prove that someone was not really injured in your business.

Have Security Cameras

The first thing you can do is to have security cameras installed throughout your business. Be sure that every area of your establishment can be seen on the cameras. The footage can then be sent to a digital storage cloud so that you can easily send it to your insurance company via email when needed.

Get Contact Information from Witnesses

Next, you need to get contact information for everyone who was in your business and saw what happened. The insurance company will need to be able to contact people who witnessed the incident to find out what really happened. If the person is claiming that they were hurt, but witnesses state that the person did not fall, the witness statements could be crucial if the situation gets taken to court because they will prove that the person is trying to scam the insurance company.

Contact an Ambulance

Call an ambulance right away if someone says that they are injured, even if they say that they will be fine. You want to be sure that the injuries are documented right away so that the person cannot go to a doctor later on down the road and claim they were badly injured in your business when really they weren't. Calling the ambulance ensures the injuries are documented immediately by professionals.

Contact the Police

Next, you need to contact the police to have an incident report created. You want to be sure that a statement is given by both you and the person who is claiming to be injured. These statements should then be submitted to your insurance company. If there are any discrepancies with what the person claims when they talk to the insurance company, the company will be able to instantly tell that the person may have faked their injury.

You want to help your insurance company prove if someone is making a false claim to ensure that the company does not pay for injuries that were not incurred at your establishment. If insurance companies continuously pay frivolous claims, the insurance rates will continue to increase because the company has to get the money to pay the claims from somewhere.

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