4 Ways To Decrease The Cost Of Insurance Coverage With A Teenager

Adding an inexperienced driver to your auto insurance policy is certain to cause you some rate increases. This is likely to be one of the last things you want to face, but inexperienced drivers simply cost more to insure. By knowing ways to reduce these costs when you do have a teenager, this may help you save money.

Buy an older car

In order to avoid a fully comprehensive policy, you will want to purchase an older vehicle for your teenager to drive. This will allow you to obtain simply a liability policy, which will cost you much less.

You may be able to pay cash for an older car, and if you don't take out a loan on your automobile, then you can get less insurance coverage.

Get Good grades

It's no doubt that you will want your teenager to do well in school because this can assist your child later in life to find the best job.

Listed below are the grade requirements that must be met to obtain lower-cost coverage:

1.    Your teenager will need to have a B average in all classes and it shouldn't drop below this level at any time.

2.    Your teenager must attend school full-time.

3.    This individual should be between the ages of 16-25.

Making sure your child meets all of the above requirements, this could allow you to get a discount as high as 15%.

Take a driving course

Taking courses that can assist your teenager in being the safest driver possible is an ideal way to lower auto insurance premiums. There are many of these offered and are typically referred to as teenSMART courses.

This will allow your teenager to engage in simulated driving lessons and work to learn how to deal with certain driving situations.

Inform your agent

It's ideal to keep your insurance agent well-informed when it comes to significant life changes, and one of these includes your teenager going to college. This may mean your teenager won't be driving nearly as frequently, and this will allow for fewer risks of accidents.  Being on the road less each day can help to decrease the cost of coverage.

You will want to keep your teenager insured regardless of the rate increase, but there are ways to help you reduce this. Be sure to rely on the expertise of your insurance agent (like those at Allstar Insurance) for other tips to help you do so.