Can I Get Homeowner’s Insurance If I Have A Dangerous Dog?

Large breed dogs such as pit bulls, Doberman pinschers and Rottweilers tend to be intimidating and bite claims related to these breeds are on the rise, according to the III (Insurance Information Institute). These breeds account for over 1/3 of all liability claims paid out in 2010; if you're considering adopting a large-breed dog, call your insurance agent before making the decision. 

About Large-Breed Dogs

While breeders are staunch advocates for Rottweilers, pit bulls, and German shepherds, these dogs also have a tenacious side that makes them a popular choice for customs agents, military and police usage. If such a dog is socialized and properly trained, it can make a wonderful pet. These breeds are fiercely loyal, however, and if the dog feels as if its 'pack' is being threatened, it may pose a threat to other people.

Insurance Liabilities

Insurance agents see over a billion dollars in bite claims every year. Every state's insurance laws are different, and every insurer has unique underwriting guidelines. No two insurers are alike, and certain companies blacklist breeds known to be aggressive. If a certain breed of dog causes too many claims, an insurance company may decline coverage for owners of those dogs.


Large breed dogs with a reputation for causing insurance claims are likely to be blacklisted by your homeowner's insurance provider. Rottweilers, German shepherds and pit bulls are commonly cited, so you can expect to pay higher rates if you're renewing coverage since adopting an animal. In some cases, coverage requests are rejected outright. It's best to be forthcoming if you own a large-breed dog; companies can legally deny claims or cancel a policy if you're dishonest.


If you choose a homeowner's insurance company that's dog-friendly, you can expect to get up to $300,000 in liability insurance to handle claims. If a dog bite claim exceeds your coverage limit, you'll be on the hook for legal fees and damages, and you may possibly lose your coverage. As discriminatory as it may seem, some insurers see large-breed dogs as a liability.

Adopting a Rottweiler, pit bull or German shepherd is an exciting occasion, but it may come at the expense of your homeowner's insurance policy. If an insurer discriminates against certain breeds, you could see your premiums rise sharply. Some insurers might deny coverage based on your dog's breed, so you may need to shop until you find an insurer with affordable, dog-friendly policies. Contact a local outlet, such as Ronald H. Krupa Insurance Agency, for further assistance.